Crisis Action Mod APK Download Latest Version [Unlimited] Android/iOS/PC

Crisisaction Mod APK: Crisis Action was developed to answer the dominance of Counter strike Go. With a massive effort, EA Sports designed this first-person shooting game with all the modern features and extraordinary graphics to woo the users. In just a year, this game has converted more than ten million users to hardcore active gamers ! In-app, purchases are the main headache for an enthusiastic player who doesn’t want to buy but without buying weapons he can’t match the performance of the opponents. The process of acquiring better weapons by playing is really a lengthy way. So, Crisis Action mod comes as the last resort in this situation and strengthens your arms against your opponents. There’s no way to get the mod version except installing the Crisis Action mod apk.

The delicate graphics makes everything looking awesome even while firing burst rounds. The community is also large and multiplayer is just a dope!  The abundant gameplay and thrills at every point make it harder to dominate. Joining friends is easier through an online lobby and the most exciting part that added another plus point to this game is the number of maps! I can bet that you will never be bored while playing the maps. There’re twists in every angle.

Crisis Action Mod APK Download [Latest]

The gameplay of this game is pretty straightforward. With your team, you need to gun down your opponents while saving your head and back. A perfect team combination can achieve a desirable result. You may need to change the gun according to the situation and opponents. Like CS Go, you can play music

Crisis Action Mod APK Features 

Let’s see what will be in our favor if we install the Crisis Action Mod apk instead of the official version.

Immortality | be fearless: It may sound creepy but using a spell of the mod version you can be literally immortal. No shot will hit you and you will be safe on all possible fronts.

Sure shot | 100% Kill: With this option your every shot will be the lethal shot for your enemies. It doesn’t matter how you aim at your enemies, every shot will tear them apart.

No reloading | Unlimited Bullets: Reloading kills us sometimes when we are in the middle of the combat and enemies shot everywhere. There’s an option that literally empowers your guns with unlimited bullets and that makes no reloading. This is awesome, isn’t it?

Unlimited coins and diamonds: With the installation of Crisis Action Mod apk your gold coin and cash reserves will be full in a minute. As a bonus, you will get diamonds as well. Getting any weapons at any point in time becomes easier and becomes a matter of a minute only.

Unlimited Coins and Cash: You can get all coins and cash at a time and there will be no deficit even after a lot of expenditure. You can easily buy any weapon you want

Crisis Action Mod APK [Game Modes]

With the mod version, you can play all the modes of the game. Check out few of these here. Get an idea here-

Single mode: If you want to sharpen your killing skills then practice in this mode for a few days.

Team mode: Like the CS GO it also requires 5 players in a team to start. The lobby leader assigns schedule and the members join accordingly.

Stay alive mode: In this mode, you will fight your enemies and actually, everyone fights with everyone and the last survivor wins the game. 

Bio Parkour mode: This is a challenging mode and as a player, you need to chase down the zombies and escape from the snipers as well.

Create Mode: In this mode, you can create your own customized battlefield and can start battling there.

Arena Mode: I like this mode the most. Here, you can practice alone and can join with your friends as well.

Limited weapon: In this mode, every player uses the same weapon. There’s no way to choose a superior weapon. Everyone will be equipped with the same weapon and here the best player can be chosen easily for a specific weapon

Crisis Action Mod APK [Details]

It’s necessary to know some technical details of this action-packed game beforehand.

•    APK Size: 91.3 MB before installation and 160 MB after installation

•    Last date of update: October 2016

•    Version details: 1.9.2

•    Package name: crisisaction1.9.2

Once you have installed an apk, always cross check the name of the package of the app. It ensures that you have installed a verified and authentic apk. Some budding hackers try to build a similar app to steal sensitive information from users by phishing. So, stay alerted and be cautious at least before installation.

Crisis Action Mod APK [Installation Guide]

  • Let me do a straight confession, maximum of us know how to do an apk installation but some points shouldn’t be missed while guiding someone who is new in this field, especially if you are installing a third party apk. 
  • Download and check the apk whether it’s the latest version or not.
  • Head your fingers into the “Settings” option and get into the “Security” tab. There, you will find an option for allowing the device to run third party apk. Check that option and allow that. A security warning regarding that will be shown up, don’t worry. It’s a regular warning that every OS use to show while any program that’s not listed on its official apps stores are put to be installed.
  • Now, go to the “file manager” and find out the downloaded apk. Tap on that and it will start the installation immediately. Wait for a while and it will be installed, it doesn’t require any manual intervention at all.

Crisis Action Mod For PC [Windows 10/8.1/7]

Crisis Action seems one of the best first person shooter games when played on a bigger screen and if we have a PC to play it on then enjoyments get doubled. Let’s have a look at the process of playing Crisis Action mod on Windows easily.

Android apps are different in structure from Windows apps. So these can’t be run on Windows directly. We need an Android emulator to get it done.

Though a lot of emulators are present in the market, some are free while some need a charge to be paid. For Crisis Action mod version you can easily go with the free version like Bluestacks 3 and Andy.

Download any one of the above mentioned two emulators and simply install that on your PC. Let is be installed, it may take some time. Don’t get in the hurry.

Once it’s installed, launch the emulator and upload the downloaded Crisis Mod apk there. It will take a few moments to get rendered fully. Once done, you are ready to roll on! Enjoy on the bigger screen like never before.

Crisis Action Mod for iOS [iPhone/iPad]

Running Crisis Action mod on iOS brings a crisis literally. As Android apps can’t be installed on iOS, it requires some special treatment and process. Follow the below-mentioned guidelines.

We need IPA files to download. At first, have a web search for Crisis Mod IPA files and download the files in ZIP format.

Get the Cydia Impactor installed on Mac and then just drag and drop the files there. Connect your iOS device to Mac and wait for a minute to get the whole process done by Cydia.

Kudos! Everything is done except one- just mark the app as “Trusted” from the “security” center of your iOS apps.

Crisis Action Mod FAQs

  • Even after installation on Android, it’s not launching properly.
  • Check the apk you have downloaded because a corrupt apk file or outdated apk creates these types of issue.
  • Videos are getting blurred on PC, what to do?
  • Mobile and PC screen are different in almost all way, graphics of a game may look excellent on a tiny screen but on PC screen the same screen may look dull. We need to tune the graphics settings in order to get that right.
  • Is it compulsory to uninstall the official app before installing the mod version?
  • Yes, it’s necessary because two apps with similar name and package may create conflicts and that may lead disabling your account. So, always be alert. Uninstall and remove the files and folders of the game before installing the mod version properly.
  • If I switch to the official app again, will the achievements got while playing on the mod version be intact?
  • Yes, all the achievements will be intact. Just uninstall one before installing another. Remember this point, everything else will be alright.

Be free from all the clutches of the official app and start your journey to make yourself a pro Crisis Action player from all nook and corner. Join the group of your friends and be an invincible player!  Install the Crisis Action Mod apk now! The best part of this mod version is that it requires neither root nor Jailbreak.